Trust Us With Your Trees

Arrange for tree services in the Newtown, CT area

Just like any other part of your landscape, trees require attention in order to thrive. Homeowners and business owners in and around Newtown, CT turn to Z-Cut's LawnCare, LLC for tree services. You can count on us to trim and fertilize your trees. We can also prune your shrubs.

Want to control weeds and help your soil retain moisture? We offer mulching services, too. Call 203-364-4628 now to get more details about our tree services in Newtown, CT and surrounding areas.

Tree stumps can cause serious problems

Tree stumps can cause serious problems

If you've had a tree removed recently, turn to us for stump grinding services. Tree stumps are a tripping hazard and make your landscape look unattractive. Leaving stumps in your yard can also encourage...

  • Lawn disease
  • Toxic fungi growth
  • Pest infestations

We'll use high-end stump grinding equipment to make your landscape smooth again. Contact us today to make an appointment.